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Ike, the hero of the story, is the only Ranger you'll find.
His class makes him a well rounded fighter with balanced stats.
Ike can promote to Lord, which greatly increase all of his stats. As a Lord Ike can use the Sky attack, which allows him to attack twice.
Weapons: Swords
Has superier leadership and capabilities.

Weapons: Axes and Swords
Myrmidons are deft sword handlers and competent warriors, though they start out with low strength and defence numbers.

Weapons: Swords

Promotes to Swordmaster
Swordmasters are fearsome in close-combat situations. With the Shooting Star skill, Swordmasters can attack five times in a row.

Weapons: Swords

The Soldier unit is part Myrmidon and part Fighter. It is a ground-based troop that is comfortable wielding a lance.

Weapons: Lances

Promotes to Halberdier
Soldiers can promote to Halberdiers. Along with possessing greater stats, this unit can gain the Moonlight skill, which halves enemy Defence.

Weapons: Lances

Fighters have strong attack and ample HP, but they're weak against magic. Despite this weakness, Fighters are good to have in battle.

Weapons: Axes

Promotes to Warrior
Warriors can carry axes as well as launch ranged attacks with bows. The Rumbling skill increases damage dealt to an enemy.

Weapons: Axes and Bows
Archers can attack enemies from a distance. However, they cannot attack or retaliate against units directyl adjacent to them

Weapons: Bows

Promotes to Sniper
Snipers are expert bowmen with greater mobility than Archers. They can also operate Ballistae and lauch brutal assaults upon distant foes.

Weapons: Bows
Knights are like lumbering tanks. they are slow-moving, but effective from the get-go.

Weapons: Lances

Promotes to General
knights can change into Generals, who offer high defence and can swing swords. This unit can aquire the Moonlight skill.

Weapons: Lances and Swords

Axe Knight/Bow Knight/Lance Knight/Sword Knight
Sword Knights are comfortable handling only swords in combat.
Lance Knights fight only with Lances and are exclusively male.
Axe knights are effective only with Axes.
Bow Knights are ranged units that can strike down opponents from afar.

Weapons: Axe/Bow/Lances/Swords

Promotes to Paladin
Paladins are powerful units. Axe/Bow/Lance/Sword Knights all change into paladins and gain an additional weapon.

Weapons: Axe/Bow/Lances/Swords (Any 2, depends on class before promotion)

Pegasus Knight
The lance-wielding pegasus knight can travel great distances and defeat powerful enemies, but have low HP and defence.

Weapon: Spears.

Promotes to Falcon Knight
Falcon Knight
Falcon Knights can fly farther and smite greater threats than Pegasus knights, and can also attack with Swords.

Weapons: Spears and Swords
Wyvern Rider
Wyvern Riders, like Pegasus Knigts, can cruise the battlefield and attack with great strength, though their magic resistance is low.

Weapons: Spears
Wyvern Lord
Once promoted into a Wyvern Lord, they gain the ability to wield axes in battle, and learns the Shock Skill.

Weapons: Axes and Spears
Mages are weak in the beginning and must be protected from attack. They can attack with powerful direct and indirect magic.

Weapons: Fire and Lightning magic.

Promotes to Sage

Sages are masters of magic. these powerful units can strike down enemies from far away with long range spells. Can wield light weapons or Staves.

Weapons: Fire,Lightning,Ice magic + Staves
Religous men who follow God. they are able to heal yoru characters wounds, but they cannot fight themselves so they must be protected.

Weapons: Staves

Promotes to Bishop

A servant to God, they have become master healers, who have have high resistance to magic attacks.

Weapons: Light magic and Staves
Clerics are similar to preists. they are low-level healers who need to be protected from combat.

Weapons: Staves

Promotes to Valkyrie

high-level healer, who can move twice the distance of a cleric and can use the Sun skill.

Weapons: Staves and Swords
The theifs can steal items from enemy units, they also have the ability to open locked doors and chests.

Weapons: Swords

Promotes to Assassin(Volke only)
Moundatins and the sea are used as strongholds. Bandits live rough. Can swing axes powerfully

Weapons: Axes

Promotes to Berserker

A soldier proud of his strength, can only use axes but has a powerful single blow.

Weapons: Axes
Beasts » Cat/Tiger
Tigers and cats control Gallia under the reign of King Caineghis. Though Caineghis has labored for years to bring peace between Gallia and Crimea, his subjects bear little patientce for Beorc. Nor will they forgive or forget rge atrocities pressed upon them centuries ago.
cats have high speed, and Tigers have high attack power.
The mighty king Tibarn rules Pheonicis, Kingdom of the Hawk tribe. Every Beorc sea captain fears these powerful shape shifters who regulary seek out merchant vessels for their wealth.
Hawks have high attack power and can open chests to steal the contents.
King Naesala leades this avian tribe in the remote island of Kilvas. Like their hawk brothers, the Ravens delight in raiding Beorc mercahnt ships. They despise all Beorc, offering their enemy no quarter.
Ravens have high speed, and can steal items from chests.
The drakes dwell in Goldoa, desiring neither the company of beorc or Laguz. The keep their own rites, rituals and culture to themselves.
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