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AdeptMight attack againSoren, Zihark10
BlossomGain less EXP for higher growth rates.Sothe15
CantoCan restore movement to ally. Can restore all adjacent allies movement as a heron.Reyson20
CounterReturn half damage received from enemy attackTiamat10
CorrodeIncrease weapon usage for enemy Bastian10
Celerity+2 movement Tormod15
DauntReduces enemy crit and hit % withing 3 squares Ashnard, Petrine10
DisciplineAttack reduced during training chaptersGreil, Boyd0
GambleHalfs hit% for double crit%Keiran10
GuardReceive no damage from an attackHaar10
InsightIncreased accuracyJanaff0
MantleReduces damage received by half.Sephiran0
MiracleReceive half damage when HP is under 50%Mist5
TempestDoubles the effects of the BiorhythmBoyd, Makarov5
NihilNegates enemy skillCalill, Nasir15
ParityNegates terrian and support boosts for both user and enemy unitsLucia5
ParagonGain double expAstrid, Geoffrey15
ProvokeHigh chance of being attackedShinon5
ResolveStrength, speed and skill boosted when HP is less then halfTauroneo10
RenewalRestore some HP at the start of your turnElincia, Ena15
ReinforceCall in extra units for helpTanith 15
SaviourSpeed + Skill not reduced when rescueingTibarn10
Serenity1/2 effect of BiorhythmRhys, Devdan10
ShadeReduced chance of being attacked Ilyana,Volke5
SmitePush units 2 squares instead of 1Mordecai10
VantageAlways attack firstMia10
VigilanceIncreases EvasionVulci0
WrathCrit boost when hp is halfNephenee10
Class Skills
LuminaCan equip Light magicRhysBishop
KnifeCan equip light weapons onlyVolke, Sothe, Calill, BastianThief/Sage
StealSteal items,some times can steal weaponsVolke, SotheThief
Master Skills
AetherCombined Sol + Luna attackLord20
AstraAttack 5 times with 1/2 damageSwordmaster20
BlessingRestore HP to adjacent unitsHeron tribe20
Boonrestore Status conditions to adjacent unitsDragon20
CancelNegates enemy attackHawk20
ColossusDo more damage if weight is greaterBerserker, Warrior 20
Deadeye100% hit + induces SleepSniper20
FlareReduce enemy ResistanceSage, Bishop20
LethalityOne hit KillAssassin20
LunaReduce enemy DefenceHalberdier, General20
RoarSets enemy movement to 0 for one turnBeasts20
StunReduce enemy move to 0 for one turnFalcon Knight,Princess Crimea, Wyvern Lord20
SolRecover HP done to enemyPaladin, Valkyrie20
VortexSpecial attack with windCrow20
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