Things new to Fire Emblem: Souen No Kiseki.
(warning information is as correct as i can gather from my translations.)
Known as direct attack. Push is a new skill which is used to protect friends from enemys or push enemys out of your path. You can only do this though if a unit is the same mass as the unit you are using.
New unit:
Animal fang family, Bird wing family Dragon scale family.
This units have certain items equipped to them meaning they can transform into e.g. the cats shown in the videos. which means that we can finnally have say a dragon in our team gathering from a translation on
Game modes:
In FE:SNK difficulty modes are selectable from the beginning you get a choice of 3:
Easy mode: for beginners.
Normal mode: Does what it says on the box.
Hard Mode: For Fan boys.
Maniac mode: Speaks for itself really.
New weapon skills base:
* New system"base" Being something which evolved former "charge preparation", with map capture it procured other than "allocation of bonus EX", "installation and removal of skill" and "weapon training", it can do also "data gathering", "buying and selling of the item" and "the occurrence of support relationship" etc. all here.
It appears you will have to train in FE:SNK to improve weapon skills, training grounds are something which have been mentioned before hand.
A skill system from Genealogy of the Holy war and Thracia 766 is being revived, not quite sure on that one. Quote: "Genealogy of the jihad",with "???? 776" it was popular,"skill (special ability)"the system was done and revived ????. It was decided in every unit,in "the capacity" inside, using a certain item, it can learn skill. In addition, as for one "secret principles"of skill, special being something which learning makes shooting skill obtain necessary in every unit, combat power of unit rises markedly with this.