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» Bonus EXP
The table shows the requirements and amount of EXP gained for completing a chapter in normal and hard mode. The number of turns indicates the number of turns you must beat the chapter to get the full bonus. If you take longer the amount of EXP you earn will decrease.
You will also earn EXP when a green or yellow unit defeats a red enemy unit. You can use Tanith's skill to summon 2 Pegasus knights and 1 Falcoknight (total of 6 ally units), any EXP earned by these units will go to your Bonus EXP. (Thanks to Rick for the tip).
ChapterRequirementsBonus EXPTurns
1Clear Chapter+ 2003
2Clear Chapter+ 2005
3Clear Chapter+ 2006
4Clear Chapter+ 3004
5None+ 0-
6Clear Chapter+ 20013
Units that leave the map + 50 x no. of characters-
7Clear Chapter+ 30010
8Units who do not battle+ 503
9Clear Chapter+ 3008
10Clear Chapter+ 20010
Leave map undetected+ 700-
Characters that escape + allies+ 50 x no. of character-
11Clear Chapter+ 3005
Clear Chapter without killing vigilantes+ 50 x no. of vigilantes-
12Clear Chapter+ 2009
13Units who do not fight+ 50 x no. of units-
14Clear Chapter+ 3005
15Clear Chapter+ 2005
Laguz survived+ 40 x no. of Laguz-
All Laguz survive+ 300-
16Clear Chapter+ 4008
17Clear Chapter+ 7008
18Clear Chapter+ 20018
19Clear Chapter+ 3004
All ravens escape+ 300-
20Clear Chapter+ 4008
21Clear Chapter+ 40015
22Clear Chapter+ 30010
Priests survived+ 20 x no. priests-
23Clear Chapter+ 40011
24Clear Chapter+ 4008
25Clear Chapter+ 3008
26Clear Chapter+ 50019
27Clear Chapter+ 40015
28Clear Chapter+ 40010
29Clear Chapter+ 0-
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