Equip these bands(one per character) to increase specific stats chance of increasing when you character levels up.
These bands are only available after you beat the game once. Most of the Bands are already held by certain characters
IconNameEffectsHow to Obtain
Archer Band+5% Speed, +5% SkillRecruit Shinon
Fighter Band+5% HP, +5% StrengthRecruit Boyd
Knight Band+5% Strength, +5% DefenceRecruit Gatrie
Mage Band+10% MagicDefeat chap 7 boss
Paladin Band+5% HP, +5% SpeedRecruit Oscar
Pegasus Band+5% Luck, +5% ResistanceRecruit Marcia
Priest Band+5% Resistance, +5% LuckRecruit Rhys
Soldier Band+5% HP, +5% DefenceDefeat chap 8 boss
Sword Band+5% Skill, +5% LuckRecruit Mia
Thief Band+5% Speed, +5% SkillDefeat Chapter 5 boss
Wyvern Band+5% Strength, +5% DefenceRecruit Jill