In the Shadow of the Scouring
Long ago, on the continent Elibe, dragons and men coexisted in peace. They lived in harmony for many years. All that was lost when mankind disrupted this balance in a sudden attack, a brutal slaughter that bathed the land in blood. Each fought for domination of the land in a savage war that shook the foundations nature itself. This war was called the Scouring. Defeatd and humbled, dragons vanished from Elibe. Over time, man rebuilt and spread his dominion across the continent and on to the Western Isles across the sea.
Now, a millennium after the Scouring, a young girl has found an apprentice tactician unconscious on the rolling plains of Sacae. Young Lyn tells the traveler that she wants to become a master swordfighter, and the two travel together, honing their skills in battle. Along the way they meet a Lycian noble named Eliwood . None of them suspected that this was a mere prologue to the adventure that awaited them all. For lyn, the tactician, Eliwood, and his friend Hector, the wheels of fate have already begun to turn.