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Gaiden levels
Gaiden levels are extra missions or Side Quests, gained by fulling a certain requirement to the chapter before it. The first Gaiden level is after chapter 7 if you finish that chapter in less than 15 turns, you will then be asked to coninute to chapter 8 or do chapter 7 gaiden.
If you do the gaiden chapter you can gain more experience and/or more items.
Chapter How to unlock
Lyns Story
7xComplete chapter 7 under 15 turns
Eliwoods Story
13xVisit the northen village
16xAt least one NPC in chap 15 needs to live
18xComplete 18 under 15 turns
22xGet Hawkeye and gain a total of 700 Exp
26xGet Nino then talk to Jaffar with nino
29xAt least one NPC must live
Hectors Story
13xComplete 13
17xAt least one NPC in chapter 17 needs to live
19xComplete chapter 19 under 15 turns
19xxDuring Lyns chapters level up Nils to level 7, then in Hectors Chapter 19x you must defeat the Magic seal, Kishuna
23xGet Hawkeye and gain a total of 700 Exp
28xGet Nino then talk to Jaffar with Nino
31xNo requirement
32x Finish chapter 32 in less that 20 turns
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