Class Swapping

A new feature added to New Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light is the ability to change a units class. For example, you will be able to swap a archer unit into the fighter class.

This feature will be available from chapter 4.

Certain classes will not be able to swap skills. These classes are;

  • Lord
  • Thief
  • Mamkute

Additionally there is a restriction to the number of classes can you have at one time. The list below shows the maximum number on of each class you may have.

  • Max. 2 Pegasus Knights
  • Max. 8 Social Knights
  • Max. 2 Armor Knights
  • Max. 3 Archers
  • Max. 2 Mercanarys
  • Max. 3 Myrmidons
  • Max. 4 Fighters
  • Max. 4 Hunters
  • Max. 2 Pirates
  • Max. 1 Dark mages
  • Max. 3 Mages
  • max. 3 Priests/Clerics