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Fire Emblem 11 for the DS is a remake of the very first Japan only Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light for the NES, and as already had a remake in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem for the SNES.

This remake will feature new updated graphics, along with CG for cut scenes. The game will also include features that where added to the series since the first game, such as the weapon triangle. Players can also expect new weapons, new character and possibly new chapters.

Another new feature is the ability to play online against other players. Players can use either rental units or take their own units into battle across the Internet against players across the world!

Using the DS's dual screens, unit information and battles will be shown on the top screen. Players can use the stylus to direct their units on the lower screen.

Fire Emblem 11 is due out in Japan in 2008