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» Characters
Note: The data on this is is not complete and maybe in accurate. A new page will be made nearer the English release.
Sothe Sothe returns in Goddess of Dawn, 3 years older. Most likely Sothe is continuing his quest that he begun in Path of Radiance. Sothe is Miyaka's younger brother, but not related by blood.
Seen battling along side Sothe she appears to be casting light magic in the trailer. She is Sothe's older sister, but not related by blood. She seems to have a link with animals, currently see has been seen with birds and maybe more types of animals. She is able to cast to cast light magic in battle. During the gameplay trailer the cursor automatically selected Mikaya suggesting she may be the main character and not Sothe.
She is part of the "Group of Dawn", GoDs equivilent of the Greil Mercanaries.
Not much is known about Leonardo, other than he is an archer.
Not much is known about Noyce, other than he is a Warrior. He also originally starts as an enemy and must be reqruited in chapter.
Laura is an cleric. One mission requires you to get Laura to the clear spot in order to clear the map.
Not much is known about Eddie, other than he is an Myrmidon.
Seen battling a soldier while still in human form, Muarim returns to join the battle. Does this mean we will Muarims friend, Tormod, return as well?
Once an Ally to the Griel Mercanaries, the King of Beasts now stands against Mikaya and the Group of Dawn. But why?
Generic bandit #539
Generic group of bandits lead by a generic bandit leader, who enjoy nothing but terrorizing peaceful villages.
Queen of the Wolf Laguz. The Wolf Laguz live in a Desert of Death found on the east side of Tellius.
The Prince of herons.
Elincia, Queen of Crimea, makes a return of the Lord of the second part of Goddess of Dawn, her involvement and how she connects with the Group of Dawn is currently unknown.
Lucia the swordmaster. Part of the Crimean Royal Guard. Lucia also returns as a playable character in GoD.
Also a part of the Crimean Royal Guard makinmg a reappareance. he appears to be wearing the same armor that Gatrie wore.
Former member of the Griel Mercanaries, Jill also makes a reappearance in GoD.
A magic user, Pelleas holds the key needed in order to revive Deain.
Seen commanding the laguz army in the opening, Schriml is Caineghis' nephew.
Izuka used to work under the former king of Deain creating the Feral Laguz.
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