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Another Teresa...86 viewsYuppers...Different pose, though...2 comments
Ceril34 viewsCeril, my Sage. =D A random sage who is a mercanary. Or in no army. Depends, really...
Sekura89 viewsSekura, my manakete. Or just a random Myrrh recolor. *sweatdrop* This made me go all, "Oh, my.." When i finished it...XD2 comments
Teresa.......Again.....37 viewsYep. Its obvious this was Isadora, but I turned it into Teresa. It should have bigger eyes, but I suck at that, so whatever. XD
Erik33 viewsYep, this is Erik...Sometimes a lord, sometimes Teresa's brother..If hes her bro, this is him as a Paladin...
Christa123 viewsChrista is another of my RP charries, and is Erik's sister if he is the lord of the story. If he's not, she's just some random person. XD She's a Mage Knight that uses Dark Magic instead of Staves.
Kari131 viewsKari is my RP Wyrven Lord, and tends to stay on the enemy side of RPs..I don't use her often, but I wanted to do something, so meh. Her mount is Moonfire, by the way...
Marie76 viewsAnother RP charrie. She rides a sorrel pegasus, and is named Marie. Pretty much as good a friend to Teresa as Tana is to Eirika.
Deryk32 viewsDeryk is a loyal knight in the service of Erik if he's a lord, or a random knight in some random army if he's not. He's clumsy, but dedicated, and tries his hardest at his job. His mount, Sorrel, is playful and often throws him off into piles of dung, mud, or a dirty lake.
Afif38 viewsThis is my friend's Fan Fic charrie. He and I did a sort of story together, I with Teresa and himm with Afif. Afif's wyrven is Riptide, just thought I'd say that...This is quite possibly my best sprite...
Jill103 viewsHeh..I was bored, so I decided to do Jill...One of my best, probably...Its one that I actually shaded..XD2 comments
Teresa ... Again ...48 viewsYep, Its Teresa again. as a real Falconknight. My best sprite ever. XD
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