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Modern Ike309 viewsIke in street (or high school) clothing 6 comments
Hector???337 viewsYes, it's a casual version. Unfortunately, I got this after I saw Matthew, Eliwood, and... the bishounen section *shrugs*11 comments
Tormod1226 views10 comments
Tormod as a sage133 viewsI...really don't like this...this loox like IKE IN A SAGE COSTUME!!!11 comments
Miria - Model sheet33 viewsSpliced a model sheet for Miria. Basically just a headswap and recolour.

Might make more of these, since I'm bored.
Modern Erk177 viewsWHY THE HELL DOES ERK POSE LIKE THAT!?!?!5 comments
Modern Day Joshua155 views...No, wait. That's Nabarl... the hell, I'd say it's a mix!2 comments
Modern Mangatsu62 viewsMeh, I thought I'd throw these babies in. There are many other pics of her in a variety of modern clothes. There's one with her wearing the red "Miss New Booty" shorts from the Bubba Sparxxx video (don't you perverts dare imagine, for you will be slain in my comics! D<) XD2 comments
Father & Son [Muarim & Tormod] 127 viewsThough, not related by blood. Tormod views Muarim as family and as a father figure.
Modern Day Legend of Zelda2140 viewsThe RP characters on here are my character Elias, who's in the black suit, and my friend's character Serenity, and my other friend's character Fern.
Reyson and Tormod, Heron Prince and Mouthy Mage by Unknown1616 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called You may not know this, but Tormod and Reyson can support. And, they get off on the wrong foot right away.
Reyson: No problem at all. It's just... ever since I heard whispers of a beorc fighting to free the Begnion slaves, I wondered what manner of man he was. You're... different than I had envisioned.
Sothe and Tormod, Boys will be Boys by Unknown1091 viewsI've seen this pic in quite a few places but I STILL don't know who the artist is. Does somebody know? Well, it might be a bit before these two are mutually friendly. Sothe looks less than happy about this situation.
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