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Mariko/Kairi56 viewsI might use Older Kairi for Mariko pictures since no one else with long red hair comes to mind. 4 comments
Owen strikes again204 viewsI think I should make Owen his own mini-series. He's probably my favourite rp character.

What Owen told Mariko....we will never know.
A "Happy" Family177 viewsJust a short comic I made since I have the complete family now. 3 comments
Back to the past - Part 1206 viewsI wanted to use Mariko so I'm making this comic where Mariko, Lucy's daughter, comes back to warn Lucy about something. I actually thought up a whole story for it but it's kinda boring since theres no action or comedy and I don't want to type it up. People will get this more if they read most of Kieran's convos. I had to save it to GIF so the quality is scratched. 5 comments
Mariko99 viewsThe daughter of Kieran and Lucy. She's a leader of a freelancing team that also becomes a bandit squad at night. She has can preform "Exorcisms" and shares the style and swiftness of Lucy and the raw power and gamble of Kieran.
Mariko's third tier class Crusader124 viewsDrawn, scanned, then fully coloured manually with paint program. Damn straight I feel proud.

Her other class clothes will basically be just Nephenee's clothes but with different colours. Soldier --> Halberdier--> Crusader
Mariko GBA expressions184 viewsI've gone crazy with GBA expressions. It's just too fun. I'll take requests too but I'll need someone to say which parts they want. I'm not good with picking them out. 2 comments
Mariko without her helmet136 viewsBasically just the old Mariko fixed up with Lucius's bangs. 1 comments
Mariko sprite549 viewsI forget who I editted this off of.
Mariko39 viewsA pic of Mariko in her modern clothes.

I think this pic is from something called Onegai Teacher.
Older Mariko30 viewsDue to spoiler, cant tell you who this is. And to those out there who do know who this is, dont say a word. It spoils the manga readers

Meyrin Hawke has been decided to be too young looking so I changed the older look to someone else. Might make a headshot for this.
New Mariko104 viewsBased off an anime character who will remain nameless to save from spoilers

Completely different from her former design. And now that I think about it, all the personalities have switched as well. Sayu's former personality transferred to Mariko and Mariko's former personality transferred to Rynali
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