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Letter of Appreciation194 viewsThis idea I got from reading a Garfield comic strip. 4 comments
Makalov in GBA form77 viewsmade for a contest "Convert a GCN char into GBA form"

Was there any doubt on who I'd pick? I'll make a GBA sheet of this later.
Makalov GBA expressions93 viewsFTW2 comments
Owen and Lucy with Support convo dolls130 viewsI just got this really cute keychain called "voodoo mini" which is like a luck charm thing. I haven't made a Lethe and Owen convo but I plan to make one. It shows all their feelings at the end of each support. The green from Soren ended up really light from the colour I actually used and Owen ended up really different from what I planned. He's supposed to be really tall so he's probably bending down in the pic.
Owen and Makalov in Ace up the Sleeve96 viewsI'm not sure how I was inspired to make this. I'm still learning how to use VGmusic so I just used the theme I used for the first video. The reason Marcia's mouth looks odd is that I couldn't find a sheet of her character so I editted it off Mia's.
"The Swan" Starring Janaff and Iori475 viewsI got this idea from my english teacher. He's the best.

It's too bad that i had to save it as GIF.
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