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Lucy casting Magic62 viewsThanks to Dreamaway for finding this pic.

Rin Tohsaka from fate/stay night.
Luke97 viewsLuke is Natalie's second youngest brother, and her squire. Idealistic, headstrong, and loyal to a fault he often charges into things without thinking, often picking fights with enemies twice his size.6 comments
Natalie58 viewsFirst official art for Silverstar. All credit goes to my sister for the drawing.
Natalie is going to be one of three possible main charecters. See the mugshot for bio.
Natalie57 viewsA loyal magic knight, Natalie is a direct member house Erberich, Natalie's life is changed forever as she is assigned as parole officer to two young mecenaries and a rouge Areo prince. Very competitive and protective, as well as being better than most men at sword fighting.1 comments
Natalie54 viewsI've revised Natalie, this is more how she is supposed to look.1 comments
Lucifer "Sai" Hiroto - The Death Dealing Necromancer446 viewsNothing much really, just a bunch of pretty lights and colours. This one is around 76 slides but they all move really quickly. I might edit the timing when I get the chance. All magic comes from Kingdom Hearts CoM and Fire Emblem. 4 comments
sheik52 viewsmy charrie's attack; bow then magic
slash123 viewsmy character: 1st attack with sword, 2nd with magic3 comments
Trevor67 viewsTrevor is the heir apperant to the throne of house Erberich. As the head of the magic knight council, he weilds considerable influence among the eight lord. His father, Bishop Brian is the head of the Systematic church in Baker. Natalie considers Trevor one of her main mentors, and his cool head and peacemaking ways make him well loved by all. 1 comments
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