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picture1265 viewsI think it's... Nino and Lloyd? I'm not sure... credit to the artist.2 comments
Christa123 viewsChrista is another of my RP charries, and is Erik's sister if he is the lord of the story. If he's not, she's just some random person. XD She's a Mage Knight that uses Dark Magic instead of Staves.
Love Found and Lost, an Eliwood+Ninian Oneshot514 viewsA oneshot focussed on Eliwood and Ninian from Fire Emblem 7. I wrote this in a partnership with a friend on deviantART named CrimsonVVings. He drew the picture, I typed this to accompany it. I'm not used to writing short drabbles like this so please review and let me know how I did.
Arin109 viewsArin is the younger of the Grace brothers. He is not as well cut out for mercenary work as Cody, and is quite a whiner. Although he seemes stupid at times he is actually quite intelligent. After being abducted by the insane alchemist Brownie, he is transfomed and forever loses the innocence of his child hod forever.7 comments
FE8 LUTE LUTE LUTE LUTE LUTE by marimbamonkey141005 viewsWas it really necessary for marimbamonkey14 to repeat the name so many times? Still, his skill shows in this pic of our favorite, slightly nuts, Mage.2 comments
Fearful Vigil by Romania demon876 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called Artists, like Romania demon, who can take lineart and grayscale and make something great with it aren't easy to find. This, I presume, is a pic of Nino tending Jaffar when he, literally, drops in badly wounded.
:)730 viewsI love this... credit to the artist.3 comments
Dark, Light, and Anima740 viewsYay Canas, Lucius, and Nino! Woohoo for magic! credit to the artist.1 comments
Fire Emblem 8 scene by treijim1532 viewsA fanart rendition of one of Sacred Stones' CGs. Rather good in my opinion.2 comments
Jaffar and Nino by Autumn-Sacura975 viewsI would always put Jaffar and Nino to good use in FE7. I just LOVE Jaffar's one-hit kill attack. I guess this is what we call the original opposites attract pair.
Joshua X Natasha by Autumn-Sacura1064 viewsA pic by the famed Autumn-Sacura. Joshua and Natasha were one of the funnier pairs in Sacred Stones. We're in the middle of a battle, with arrows and spears flying to our left and right and Joshua wants to have a coin toss? It was so preposterous that I burst out laughing.
Justin80 viewsJustin is a drop out from the mountainveiw mages school, which is where he met Arin, Ben and Victor. Justin is very careless and not very bright in the least, he develops a crush on almost any girl he sees, including Natalie, whom he joins up with. He has one or two very useful skills, which include surfing, hot wiring hover vehicles and relating with hippies. Many believe that this does not exuse his extreme penchant for getting himself and others into deep trouble.4 comments
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