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Water Lucy552 viewsWhen Lucy integrates with a water
Lucy and some guy184 viewsI did not draw this pic, thanks to Dreamaway for helping me find it.

Eh, dunno who the guy on the right could be.
5 Girls410 viewstop to bottom: Trisha, Ranna, Mangatsu, Lucy & Tryst12 comments
Lucy with short hair CG55 viewsI absolutely did not create this picture. Credit goes to Zakia from Deviantart and probably ExcaliburRO for helping me find this pic.

The dye didnt go so well because Allen, the guy I based Lucy's short hair pictures on, has white hair.
KieranxLucy Banner216 viewsI didn't draw Kieran. I give credit to whoever did draw Kieran. The picture of Lucy is a picture of Misa from Death note. This banner follows a game idea I made. Kieran and Lucy are both out. If Kieran is about to die, he will lose the ability to attack but he can't be damaged because Lucy is using spirits to protect him. She will then become "Other" and rush over to heal him. Until he is healed, she'll remain "other". If Kieran stands next to Lucy, she can move twice.1 comments
Lucy's Birthday169 viewsIt's my birthday today so I made this short comic in celebration. All the characters that actually represent someone are there. Owen is roughly my friend Demetre, Zane is roughly my friend Sean who kinda moved away aburptly and I've never heard from him since, Sergio is Malik whos the guy that gets him into trouble all the time, Iori is my sister Vivien, and Sai is one of my closest friends Andrew. 8 comments
Bloodlust/vampire Lucy82 viewsI did not draw these pics

If Lucy's blood is warped into vampiric blood, she'll lose her mind and gain the strength unlike the spirit form where she'll only gain the strength.
Lucy and Owen, Book two headshots95 viewsMade for Seraphim's TTMFE

Didnt bother making the sheets since the facial expressions are the same as the other sheets.

Ps. Owen's clothes were based off someone elses...*Shifty eyes*
Chibi Lucy162 viewsEditted from an official Ragnarok Chibi. Eh, the clover thing was added in at last minute since the blade didnt work out.

And by the way, this was not editted from a Maple Story Chibi. Maple Story copied that Ragnarok chibi.
Chibi LukexLucy52 viewsOne of my faves. I love the Chibi Mangatsu much better if you saw. ^_^
Too Many Times Bitten103 viewsLuke's been jumped by Cassie and Lucy, because his blood tastes like chicken. Unknown's taste like steak. Andre's was sweet n sour. L'Reston's was salty. Mangatsu's was spicy. Sai tasted sour if I could remember and Kai's taste like s***.11 comments
"I WANT MY CHOCOLATE!!!"89 viewsGamma pissed Mangatsu off for being retard, so she beat him up and took all his chocolate.4 comments
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