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Love Found and Lost, an Eliwood+Ninian Oneshot514 viewsA oneshot focussed on Eliwood and Ninian from Fire Emblem 7. I wrote this in a partnership with a friend on deviantART named CrimsonVVings. He drew the picture, I typed this to accompany it. I'm not used to writing short drabbles like this so please review and let me know how I did.
Pent and Louise, the Lady of Violets unfurls her charms by Unknown1122 viewsI found this piece on a french Fire Emblem site called That's probably not all she's going to be unfurling, if you get my meaning. Pent and Louise a quite a formidable pair on the battlefield, in the mission where you first meet Pent I keep on yelling at him to stop stealing my kills. Glory hound.5 comments
Pent and Louise by Domencasio964 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called I usually try to be conservative with Pent and Louise. Each of them is a one-man (and one-woman) wrecking crew, which can complicate training up your other characters. And the Chapter where you first meet Pent where he clears half the map by himself, it is so sad.
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