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My first attempt at an animation225 viewsI wanted to start with something simple before working with map sprites. I want to know how I did with this job. As for the sheets I used, well... I used Fae's battle sprite sheet as my first attempt. (I tried using Fire Emblem World's sprite sheet at first but that didn't work out, then I remembered I had saved another battle sprite sheet from FE Planet, and it helped lots)

Credit to FE Planet and Fire Emblem World for providing the sprite sheets.
Japanese boxart196 views2 comments
Sleepy Time kiss35 viewsChapter 3
Through the Looking Glass153 viewsD o y o u f e a r w h a t l u r k s w i t h i n t h e d a r k e s t c o r n e r s o f y o u r m i n d ?6 comments
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