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Fire Emblem Banner--Life Returns Editted404 viewsOkay... I just really needed a reason to post the Editted version of Life Returns I played with ^^;; This is the banner for my Fire Emblem fanfic so-- please DO NOT use it for anything! X3 Thanks

I like playing with the pitch on some songs and I did it with Life returns and I thought the voice of the singer sounded...interesting afterwards. XD
Life of Naya: Growth and Corruption92 viewsThis ones kinda based on Teresa from Claymore's storyline but only by a little. There are some other pieces of stories of other people hidden in here. Let's see who can figure it out ^^
Life of Naya 3: Redemption65 viewsI saved it as doc. because the txt. files are way too hard to read and it gets annoying when you have to copy all of it and paste it in a document or something. 1 comments
Life of Naya 4: Warmth73 viewsThere's still an epilogue left and I'll probably finish it today. The ending scene is based on the video I made. If you know the text and watch the video, it'll make a lot more sense in what they say. Most of the text is just the japanese translated from the video. Most of it anyway. 1 comments
Life of Naya Epilogue: Terminus66 viewsAnd thats the end of that.

The song she is singing is "Life is like a boat" By Rei fu.
Life of Naya Cover art116 viewsThis would probably be the cover for my story. It includes all the characters that made a dramatic impact on her life. Ten dollars to anyone that can match all the names to the pictures on their first try4 comments
Life of Naya: Banner171 viewsJust a banner related to Naya's life story. On the left is younger Naya, the right is older Naya, and the middle is her mother. If I could get another person with their back turned to the camera, I would've. Tifa is kinda too young and she doesnt seem like the type of person to marry Ashnard. Well, no one seems like the type of person to marry Ashnard. 6 comments
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