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Kaiser and Haar Support C351 viewsTheir support on Lv. C XD8 comments
Chrono Trigger's Queen Leene70 viewsMighty fine outfit I say so myself my queen. Um Sain or Gatrie if your reading this stoop looking at her she is maaarrrried! And she does look like her descendant Marle.
Sleepy Lyn150 viewsI give credit to the artist! Man looking at Lyn makes me feel sleepy... 2 comments
Roy and...Yoshi?238 viewsThis actually came from when I was playing SSBM. I was Roy and Yoshi was te computer, and when I paused it, this is what I saw lol. It looked like Yoshi was grabbing Roy's leg, and was looking up at him with a big smile on his face lol. It looks like Roy's sword is going through Yoshi, but its actually behind him.6 comments
Rock Lee117 viewsSame as last time. Battle sprites and mugs=just me.3 comments
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