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Miyu, my Lamento OC94 viewsPictures of Misa from Death Note

iunno why, just suddenly felt like makin an OC for Lamento. I'll try sketching a pic of her later when I have free time. Made the ears too big on the final pic...

EDIT: Changing her voice actor to Chihara Minori, the person who voices for Yuki from TMOHS
Owen in Lamento/Laguz form74 viewsI think he looks smarter.....yep.
Miyu, sketched28 viewsChanged her dress to a leather one after watching Haloid.

Basic look of her though I want to make her look a little more innocent-ish.
Mina Lamento Ver.41 viewsdid Mina's lamento ver. today. ^_^ and yeah, times when her hair's not braided
Mina Lamento Ver. 142 viewsso obvious where the outfit idea came from. XD
gonna change this to her first outfit and the black one her second outfit. ^^
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