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Pent and Louise, the Lady of Violets unfurls her charms by Unknown1122 viewsI found this piece on a french Fire Emblem site called That's probably not all she's going to be unfurling, if you get my meaning. Pent and Louise a quite a formidable pair on the battlefield, in the mission where you first meet Pent I keep on yelling at him to stop stealing my kills. Glory hound.5 comments
Pent and Louise by Domencasio964 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called I usually try to be conservative with Pent and Louise. Each of them is a one-man (and one-woman) wrecking crew, which can complicate training up your other characters. And the Chapter where you first meet Pent where he clears half the map by himself, it is so sad.
Lady Luck391 viewsMy own spirit of good luck
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