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Marth & Sheeda Wallpaper434 viewsI found this in a google search! It is suppose to be a wallpaper.
The REAL Samba120 viewsQuite a resemblance to my Beast Tribe character, eh? He's sitting on the floor of the pit I call a room :P No bandanna or wristbands, unfortunately. He gets pissed when I try to put anything on him.9 comments
mist lethe and jill186 viewsum... idk
Boyd's family and Ike202 viewsBoyd's brothers, Ike and the boys' mom (or Boyd gf, not sure).
Boyd & Mist 68 viewsPre-Valentines Day :)
One-Winged Angel (Kingdom Hearts version)36 viewsIf you've played Kingdom Hearts before, you may have heard this theme while fighting the silver-haired swordmaster that we all know and love to hate (Come on! You know which one I'm talking about).1 comments
Karla3769 viewsthis one is sooo good!!! credit to the artist.2 comments
561 views2 comments
Another Teresa...86 viewsYuppers...Different pose, though...2 comments
Hector and Lyn, This is it? No contest! by Unknown2904 viewsI can picture it now.
Hector: Hey Lyn, I bet I can take down five of these guys first!
Lyn: A barrel of ale says I'll win.
Hector: Ale? You? That'll be a sight.
Lyn: What's that suppossed to mean?!
Hector: Oh, maybe...that you can't hold your liquor?
Lyn: WHAT?! I can too!
Hector: Ha, ha! No you can't.
Lyn: Yes I can!
Hector: Madwomen!
Lyn: Brute!
Hector: Lunatic!
Lyn: Oaf!
Eliwood (in distance): What am I going to do with those two?
Tactician: Keep score?
Eliwood: *Grumbles angrily*
Water Lucy552 viewsWhen Lucy integrates with a water
Sayu152 viewsI'm changing Sayu's hair to pink in the light and red in the dark. Makes it so I dont have to edit the Anemone pictures.

I intended for this to be blood but in the real anime scene, she's eating jam.
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