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Another Sig Request29 viewsFrom my store at Psypoke. As the writing says, it's a Megatokyo-themed signature.

Not the best of works, but it shows how with a bit of blurring and desaturisation, you can get renders to look decent!
Dion Tribute43 viewsPictures of Kyouya from Ouran Host club

Just this little random thing I made up expressing a few of Dion's "skills"
Kyo44 viewsKyo
real name: ?
occupation: frontman of Dir en Grey
height: somewhere near 5'3"
Eyes: Depends on contacts
hair: Varies
piercings: around 9
overall: SUGOI!!
18000 hits474 viewsThis was for a 18000 pageviews on my deviantart account. I actually loved how Soren turned out. And the girl beside him is my character Trisha.8 comments
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