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Albino eyes! ... *.*295 viewsI thought this was pretty cool but FREAKY!!! I DID NOT make this (just ta tell ya). I like this picture.4 comments
Bells for her by Innes Estel982 viewsA fine pic done by Innes Estel, another friend from deviantART. I have a softspot for mismatched pairings and what could fit the bill better than the Gambler and the Cleric?
Vampire Valkyrie Lucy205 viewsI did not draw this pic, found it from a game called Valkyrie profile from square enix. Don't know much bout the game except that it revolves around Norse Mythology.

Before she became a full vampire, her valkyrie form was that other picture. Now that she is a full vampire, if she becomes a valkyrie, she'll look like this.
Another Sig Request29 viewsFrom my store at Psypoke. As the writing says, it's a Megatokyo-themed signature.

Not the best of works, but it shows how with a bit of blurring and desaturisation, you can get renders to look decent!
Dion Tribute43 viewsPictures of Kyouya from Ouran Host club

Just this little random thing I made up expressing a few of Dion's "skills"
Chibi Knights of Renais269 viewsKyle, Seth, Forde & Franz7 comments
Halloween Kyle86 viewsA request from Amethyst

I'm gonna use Soren's head. It's just perfect with the long bangs and short hair so...yeah.
He doesn't bite...much by Unknown1079 viewsI'm quite fond the the Heath/Priscilla pairing, but there's one thing that I don't get: she doesn't seem afraid of his Wyvern. Since Wyverns can only be found in Bern, and Priscilla has led a somewhat sheltered life, I'd be suprised if she'd ever seen one. Still, this pic is very cute. If anbody knows who drew it, please tell me.
My cat Milky65 viewsthe pictures a little fuzzy since I was kinda shaking when I took a picture of her. 3 comments
Joshua X Natasha by Autumn-Sacura1064 viewsA pic by the famed Autumn-Sacura. Joshua and Natasha were one of the funnier pairs in Sacred Stones. We're in the middle of a battle, with arrows and spears flying to our left and right and Joshua wants to have a coin toss? It was so preposterous that I burst out laughing.
Kyros96 viewsWah... ... The wings... I really tried-- Honestly XD I guess I'll give it a whack another time. They'll do for now. (They're not big enough for Ky's -_-)

This is Kyros... a character in one of my stories-- and also an RP character of mine ^^
Kyle and Zander76 viewsA request from Amethyst

I might remake Kyle when I have the time.
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