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Amelia ready to scrap by Unknown773 viewsAnother gem from If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.
Cute Amelia by Unknown779 viewsI found this gem on the French site The introduction of trainee units (Ross, Amelia and Ewan) made the game pretty tricky since training them was a delicate process. At least, it was difficult BEFORE I discovered the Action Replay.
Amelia by marimbamonkey14834 viewsThis pic was done by marimbamonkey14, a friend from deviantART. I can't get enough of his work, the way he handles the colors and body forms. Besides, Amelia's official art is kinda creepy. Makes her look too much like a hyperactive fangirl
Children of Frelia by Innes Estel923 viewsThis pic was done by Innes Estel, a friend of mine on DeviantART. He's quite talented, given the pics of his that I've seen so far but it seems he should've drawn the characters a bit larger. There's a bit too much empty space here for my liking, though this is a good pic otherwise.
Cormag, Winged Lord of the Sky by Unknown950 viewsI found this little gem on I do have a question though, does Cormag have a scar like that in the game? My eyesight is rather poor so I can't tell.2 comments
Don't Look Back by popcornducky734 viewsThis pic, of an unfortunate Ike with his back to the Black Knight, is very well done but it does leave me with some questions. Why does Ike have his back to the Black Knight? Has he conceded defeat, which is quite unlikely? Or, has the Black Knight crept up on him undetected, which would be quite a sight in all that armor?
Ephraim n Tana by TheWindFish1012 viewsA pic by a dear friend of mine on deviantART, who did this pic at my personal request. I suggested that he draw a picture of one of Ephraim and Tana's stupid arguements, like when Tana blew up at him during their B Support. Thanks much to TheWindFish and credit to him for this pic.2 comments
FE& Coloured-Florina and Huey by Miyukitty911 viewsOne thing confuses me about Florina: is her Pegasus named Huey or Makar? I've heard it both ways? Could somebody clear that up? Credist to Miyukitty for this pic.2 comments
FE8 LUTE LUTE LUTE LUTE LUTE by marimbamonkey141005 viewsWas it really necessary for marimbamonkey14 to repeat the name so many times? Still, his skill shows in this pic of our favorite, slightly nuts, Mage.2 comments
FE Amelia and Franz by iggloypou798 viewsAnother pic by the up and coming igglypou from deviantART. This pic was done at my personal request, and many thanks to the artist.
FE Vanessa and Innes by igglypou976 viewsYet another personal request done by igglypou. Isn't she just the sweetest. Doing a good pic of Innes and Vanessa must've been tricky since there's no official art.
Fiora by marimbamonkey141192 viewsThe renowned marimbamonkey14 delivers once again. The background and the depiction of the Pegasus in flight is extraordinary.
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