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Tryst in Kimono217 viewsI finally found one! And now for Lucy...8 comments
Mangatsu in Kimono (revised)119 viewsSorry about the other copy I didn't know it was blurry. Well, this is another copy. I still think this is so cyuute! =^^=10 comments
Kimono Mangatsu Drawing114 viewsVery sexy...very dangerous...

"Don't let my good looks fool you... You don't wanna end up like that guy over there."
Another Mangatsu Kimono pic!61 viewsNow with flower decorations!3 comments
Miria - Kimono sheet47 viewsEditted from Kyaro's kimono sheet. Head splice, recolour, same stuff.
Kimono63 viewsermm...simple title, simple picture...
i don't know if they had robes in FE, [at least like this]
but it was an early costume designe for my dou, and there was going to be a fair and all the characters at the time would've worn kimonos...actually Yutakas...[if i spelled that right...its a lighter, more summer-y robe...] so...yeah...more doujinshi stuff...

i'm getting a bit behind on the character profiles...
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