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Legault Kills Aesha90 views(read about in matthew-legault support)
Sergio skill - Hammer Crash31 viewsThis skill would make a lot more sense if you know the Ragnarok Blacksmith skill. The explanation I made for it is: Everyone in 3x3 range is shoved back two squares. depending on strength, targets will take ten damage, inflict with stun status, or with deaf status. Deaf status is that they can't dodge ranged attacks and they can't return ranged attacks.
Skills175 viewsSkills that I made up for my characters. Hadachi is "Blade Break" and a technique used in Rurouni Kenshin. I made up deaf status and that is you can't retaliate or defend from a long range attack. If only these skills were real in FE.
Skills109 viewsA new list of skills for my characters2 comments
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