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KieranxLucy Banner216 viewsI didn't draw Kieran. I give credit to whoever did draw Kieran. The picture of Lucy is a picture of Misa from Death note. This banner follows a game idea I made. Kieran and Lucy are both out. If Kieran is about to die, he will lose the ability to attack but he can't be damaged because Lucy is using spirits to protect him. She will then become "Other" and rush over to heal him. Until he is healed, she'll remain "other". If Kieran stands next to Lucy, she can move twice.1 comments
Owen strikes again204 viewsI think I should make Owen his own mini-series. He's probably my favourite rp character.

What Owen told Mariko....we will never know.
A "Happy" Family177 viewsJust a short comic I made since I have the complete family now. 3 comments
Path of Radiance - Childhood Memories843 viewsColored picture featuring members of Greil's Mercenaries as children.13 comments
"Opportune moment"229 viewsJust to show you who Lucy's going to the party with and use one of my favourite lines of Jack Sparrow. 7 comments
KieranxLucy159 viewsI forgot which show I got this off. Maybe its this really old show called Breaker High. Dunno. 4 comments
Kieran and Lucy - C support83 viewsI like the theme song I put for this one. Final Fantasy themes are the best. Long live Nobuo Uematsu!
Kieran and Lucy - A support72 viewsThe music doesn't really fit the story as much but I always wanted to use it. Hoshizora no waltz from Kimi ga nozumu eien 1 comments
Kieran and Lucy - B support66 viewsIt really isn't a support since someone else comes into the story. 2 comments
Kieran and Lucy - Character ending104 viewsi guess this could be a character ending or a part in the fanfic I'm writing. My character Lucy has a crush on Soren while she actually likes Kieran. It looks nothing like Kieran, the eyes are too big and the eyebrows aren't as Kieran-like. It's like, young Kieran. Arms are slightly demented, please bear with this.
"Study buddy"129 viewsMe and my friend thought of this after we watched South Park: WoW for the sixteenth time. It was supposed to be a french class but I kinda gave up with french so I just made it into something else. 4 comments
Lucy and Kieran...again571 viewsthis is the cover art for my fanfic Fire Emblem Dance of Destruction. Just another picture of Misa and Light that I editted. I searched the background up on google so it doesn't belong to me.
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