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Slap! Slap! and more SLAP!82 viewsKai's been b****slapped; Mangatsu's been pimpslapped. o.O?6 comments
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Tifa Lockhart112 viewsTifa Lockart from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. A quick sketch done in mechanical pencil (like all the others).6 comments
Tifa Lockhart179 viewsSeriously, one of my greatest triumphs yet and this one took the most amount of editting. I'm working on Cloud so I'll probably have him in later or something. 2 comments
Yukhito330 viewsYukhito from TNC, a new char in the PS2 game.

Might use his pictures for an OC when the CG's come out. I wish he had better clothes...
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