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Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 3161 viewsPage 3 up! As usual, reads right to left.

If the fence thing behind them wasnt so important, I woulda left it out completley. Now, this is when the real story starts.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 468 viewsReads right to left, Keisuke and Akira belong to Togainu no chi.

Remind me never to use a fence in anything ever again. A little obscure at the beginning.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 569 viewsI'm not gonna bother with the scanning in the incomplete version anymore. Faster to just do this.

Usual: Reads right to left, keisuke and Akira belong to Togainu no chi. Blood warning.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 669 viewsReads right to left, Akira and Keisuke belong to Togainu no chi. Contains blood and violence.

You know, I no longer remember why I named this thing "Blood-soaked gateway" when the gateway isnt even remotely important to the plot.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 762 viewsReads right to left, contains blood and violence, Akira and Keisuke belong to Togainu no chi.

Yeah, the blood was supposed to "Soak" the gate when Nagato swung her sword back but...the thing is....I forgot about that and I forgot to include it before. So...that sucks.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 843 viewsReads right to left, akira belongs to Togainu no chi.

This one's kinda vague since I didnt feel like making the transitions. I wanna finish this one so I can move onto something else. BAsically, Akira made it over the fence and she's wondering how he did it.
Blood-soaked gateway - page 960 viewswhat...after...several month hiatus, I've decided to finish this up. Probably two or three pages left.

Reads right to left, etc.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 1228 viewsReads right to left. Akira and Keisuke belong to Togainu No chi. "Plot" is roughly based on Claymore. Not really a real doujinshi but it the word rolls of the tongue so I'm gonna use it. Name not finalized yet.

Ah, well, first finished page. Decided to shade with pencil instead of MSpaint. Dunno how long itll be but I have the whole story thought up. Akira was fun to draw, Keisuke's hair can go straight to hell...... Note: True blood AKA Akira's blood has some special effect of some sort. I believe it gives him good fighting instinct and skill.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 275 viewsPage two, up! Reads right to left. Keisuke and Akira belong to Togainu no chi. Contains minor violence, well, all violence is minor to anyone who's watched Elfen Lied AND Darker than black.

The shading isnt as clean as the last one.
Keisuke GBA expressions94 viewsKeisuke from Togainu no chi

And I'll probably end with that for the day.
Keisuke sheet153 viewseditted off Saruno from Jump superstars.

Gah, hate this sprite ><

And PS. To the one posting those SSBB pictures, please stop that. Lots of people dont want the game spoiled whatsoever. I'm only typing this here because the commenting thing seems to be busted and you dont appear on the PM list for some reason.
Blood-soaked Gateway, manga/doujinshi - page 2 (incomplete)48 viewsJust the basic look of it. Still need to add shades, tones, speech bubbles, etc.

Reads right to left.
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