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Halloween Kaylin66 viewsI thought this would only take like thirty minutes or so but this actually took me a full hour. Kaylin as Kenny from South Park. 3 comments
Default Kaylin and Reconnaissance Kaylin82 viewsI'm not sure why I made this. Uh...Dare to compare?
Kaylin bodyshot105 viewsthis is a character I made up. He's a little boy who was scientifically modified so he was half crow and half hawk. Don't bother trying to guess where the hat came from. Only a handful of people in the world will probably guess it right.
Reconnaissance Kaylin72 viewsKaylin actually has really long hair that is stuffed inside his boy's cap so he can go on reconnaissance missions and pretend to be a girl so little to no one can recognize him. There's a pill he takes that allows the muscles in his wings to grow limp so they'll hang behind him like a cape.
The New Kaylin37 viewsIn an RP I did with Dreamaway, Kaylin steals the power of Yggdrasil and becomes a stronger form. I'm giving all my characters "Traits" that when activated they'll become stronger. Lucy=Bloodlust, Sai=Divinity, etc. Kaylin's was greed. I can't pick between the two since the big one is more young and evil looking but it doesnt look as good as the other one.
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