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Lucy's older brother - Kanda123 viewsI havent gotten a name for her brother yet so I might just leave it as the name of the character I based his looks on. He acts kinda like Byakuya in BLEACH. Maybe Sesshomaru too. He wields a sword kinda like Sesshomaru's sword/whip. 1 comments
Kanda81 viewsBoth present and future form. Kanda is orginally from D. Gray Man.

I hated working on this in the beginning but after a while, I started liking it. Screw his ponytail though. Oh, in case you didnt know or remember, Kanda is Lucy's older brother.
Kanda's defeat50 viewsDont think I'll ever be able to RP this out since itll just be me talkin' the majority of the time so I just typed it out.

Too much text but it had to be included to fill in plotholes.
Lucy and her brother60 viewsIn the fic I'm writing, Lucy gets her hair cut off by the Unknown man. It eventually grows back but during the fic, her hair is short.

Pictures is not mine.
Rai's death38 viewsContains violence and an extremely angsty, tragic, and overdramatic ending.

This happens before Kanda's death, just to clear things up. You'll probably need to read the two to make it make sense.
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