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Kagesuke blink cycle48 viewsmy first time at a custom blink cycle. Eh, not as refined as I hoped it'd be but I guess I'm okay with it. 4 comments
Kagesuke73 viewsA character I editted of young Sasuke.

She's kinda like "My default OC" where I use her for some stuff I can't make anyone for. In her original storyline, she was the sis of Sasuke.
Kagesuke Battle Sprite416 viewsA character I created. She has blue aura wings, an inferno dagger, and a glacial dagger. Her story is that she's the twin of Uchiha Sasuke. She also has the sharingan
Kagesuke294 viewsThis used to be my character before I replaced her with Lucy Itsukai. This one is still one of my favourite sprites though.
Kagesuke Ragnarok sprites725 viewsAll side view and a "wait" battle pose. I havnet sprite edited in such a long time, I think my ragnarok skills are gettin old.
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