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Iori's critical195 viewsA joke only a true Counterstrike fan will understand. 8 comments
Iori cosplaying as Raven from Teen Titans54 viewsMy fav char from Teen Titans. My scanner makes everything really bright so the contrast is usually messed up.

Next up, probably Naya and perhaps William.
Iori's Tales of cosplay80 viewsIori as Sheena from Tales of Symphonia

Halfway through the body, I decided to switch it to Ilya. Then, while I was making the face, I thought the face matched Iori a lot more. So, I ended up making an Iori cosplay. Got lazy with recolouring the skin and adding that red ribbon around her waist.
Iori headshot146 viewsIori is another character I made up. She's a "gunslinger" and the older sister of Shadow which is another character I will make. Basically, this is just Calill with different colours. This might scare people. 9 comments
Iori GBA expressions201 viewsThe ponytail's a little off and I think her face is too long but I like this anyway. Iori in her second outfit. I'll probably never get a sprite sheet of her. 2 comments
Iori in second costume77 viewsI actually liked how the outfit and hair turned out. As usual, this might scare people.

Alright, next headshot.
Iori picture72 viewsThis is actually a picture of Elaide from D. gray man. Elaide only appers in one arc and every other picture was either too small or two dark so this was the only one I could get. The eyebrow really annoyed me since it suddenly cut off in the middle so she looks like she doesnt have that eyebrow. 7 comments
New Iori79 viewsEditted from Quistis of FF:VIII

I think it was Choji Warrior that said Iori looked like Quistis in her student teacher outfit. I used to use Elaide from D. Gray Man but due to lack of pictures and the anime releasing really slowly, I'm gonna use Quistis instead.
Iori CG49 viewsWow, CG's are fun to recolour. 2 comments
Iori profile45 viewsPictures of quistis from FFVIII

Wanted to get this up sometime soon. Changed her personality to more like Talho from Eureka Seven's. Took me a while to editted the glasses of the first pic.
Student Teacher Iori144 viewsHer hair is supposed to be purple but it ended up kinda pink. 9 comments
Iori's Official art233 viewsAlright, this one might be my personal favourite. She was gonna have a gun in her hand since she's a gunslinger but I couldnt edit in the ragnarok one so I just left it out. 4 comments
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