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Sayu's Insanity Advert107 views

I cant believe this worked but I actually made a semi-animated advert. I'm working on an animated singer but my comp freezes when I open it. The characters in this are Soren, Sayu(rep. by anemone), Mariko(Rep. by random red haired girls), Naya(Rep. by Lucy from Elfen lied), and Shinon(Rep. by himself and Renji since i ran outta pics). The music playing is Dante's theme from FMA. Theres blood at the end and its confusing.
Sayu's Insanity, chapter 1 - Death68 viewsWritten all in a better format and in Shinon's point of view. Why Shinon? Dunno.

Happens a little after Nevermore. If I ever remember the plot for "The Eternity you desire" it'l explain why Sai has died.
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