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Children of Frelia by Innes Estel923 viewsThis pic was done by Innes Estel, a friend of mine on DeviantART. He's quite talented, given the pics of his that I've seen so far but it seems he should've drawn the characters a bit larger. There's a bit too much empty space here for my liking, though this is a good pic otherwise.
FE Vanessa and Innes by igglypou976 viewsYet another personal request done by igglypou. Isn't she just the sweetest. Doing a good pic of Innes and Vanessa must've been tricky since there's no official art.
Ephraim+Innes} Back to Back802 viewsA fanart I uncovered, I love this picture! They're both lookin' stylish, hehe!
If only Ephraim and Innes had a support conversation and became friends in the end! But I guess I'll make due with this picture. ^_^
Innes+Ephraim} Peaceful Moment629 viewsFor once, they look happy to be in each other's company. <3
I'm sure if they had put aside their differences, they could have become the best of friends.
Innes} Sexy Archer797 views:D~~
More Innes, 'nuff said.
Innes+Ephraim} Rivalry780 viewsInnes: I shall record the scores so far. *scribblescribble*
Ephraim: ..You'd better not award yourself any extra points.

The princes of Frelia and Renais in yet another competition to try and determine who is better of the two~ Now, is it just me, or are Innes's clothes 10x more stylish than Ephraim's? xD
Innes} Chibi Bust452 viewsInnes's bust. He looks so cute, I jus wanna pinch his cheeks. :')
Innes} Crown Prince439 viewsHaha, he always has this pouty look on his face! I think the little crown on top of his head is a nice touch!1 comments
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