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Boyd & Mist 68 viewsPre-Valentines Day :)
One-Winged Angel (Kingdom Hearts version)36 viewsIf you've played Kingdom Hearts before, you may have heard this theme while fighting the silver-haired swordmaster that we all know and love to hate (Come on! You know which one I'm talking about).1 comments
Karla3769 viewsthis one is sooo good!!! credit to the artist.2 comments
Varin Second Gen. Ver.103 viewsstumbled across this picture and just recolored it. ^^ perfect for Varin on Second Gen. <3
picture1265 viewsI think it's... Nino and Lloyd? I'm not sure... credit to the artist.2 comments
Erik33 viewsYep, this is Erik...Sometimes a lord, sometimes Teresa's brother..If hes her bro, this is him as a Paladin...
A beginning of a long respite after a war.808 viewsApparently I found this picture at a link that was posted on Serenes Forest's forum. I get the feeling that this takes place soon after Nergal's defeat at the Dragon Gate, as they are both battle worn (I'd imagine it was a little long since they had to fight those morphs, and then, later the Fire Dragon) and Lyn is (most likely, even though her face is blocked) shown crying when she's hugging Hector. (Most likely relating to some events in Hector's Story, especially the Final Chapter.)

Credit to artist.
Prince Reyson280 viewsIt's Prince Reyson of the Heron tribe! This was hard and took me a long time to do. I got some brownie mix on it too if you are wondering what that dot near his wing is...-.-7 comments
Cute Florina!192 viewsI found this on a website. Florina is so adorable in this one!3 comments
Do I give a d*mn v1.197 viewsI just like this one. 1 comments
Deryk32 viewsDeryk is a loyal knight in the service of Erik if he's a lord, or a random knight in some random army if he's not. He's clumsy, but dedicated, and tries his hardest at his job. His mount, Sorrel, is playful and often throws him off into piles of dung, mud, or a dirty lake.
The Seven Sins339 viewsInspired by a Death note: Seven Sins pic by Smilyimp of Deviantart.

Cookies to anyone who can guess which sin for each character. All of them, except Kaylin, are in a new costume.
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