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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 1642 viewsThis first chapter in what might evolve into a fan sequel to Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. Ike reflects on the war against Daein and the regained peace. However, he finds that his future is now at a crossroads. On the one hand, there are the Greil Mercenaries and, on the other, there is Elincia and the dream of peace between the Beorc and the Laguz. The enigmatic Sephiran, having foreseen that Ike has a still greater part to play in Tellius' future, for good or ill, works to guide Ike's path. Review please.1 comments
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 2A531 viewsSephiran made a dangerous gamble in convincing Ike to remain involved in Crimea's goverenace and becoming Elincia's Prince Consort. He hopes this gamble will keep Ike on the side of good in the coming, inevitable conflict. The question is did Sephiran's gamble work? In this scenario, it backfires and Ike becomes the evil rather than destroying it. And the desperate effort to avert the rise of a new tyrant, namely an assassination attempt on Ike and his pregnant Queen Elincia, may plunge Tellius into war.2 comments
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 2B503 viewsThe second, and probably preferrable, outcome of Sephiran's gamble. Ike is, once again, the hero (Yay!) as well as being Elincia's Prince Consort and a father. However, the evil that Sephiran anticipated has arisen: Begnion is now embroiled in a three way Civil War between the forces of two Nobles seeking to overthrow the Apostle and a faction of the Dark God's worshippers seeking to finish what Ashnard started. Ike must, once again, led the free people of Tellius in a battle for the future. This may set the stage for a full blown fan sequel depending on reviews so please comment.

Commission: Fire Emblem by ktshy1216 viewsThis was done as a comission on DeviantART by ktshy, though I'm not sure for whom. I don't believe ktshy does FE fanart often, but if this is any indication I might want to see if I can get a pic out of him.
Don't Look Back by popcornducky734 viewsThis pic, of an unfortunate Ike with his back to the Black Knight, is very well done but it does leave me with some questions. Why does Ike have his back to the Black Knight? Has he conceded defeat, which is quite unlikely? Or, has the Black Knight crept up on him undetected, which would be quite a sight in all that armor?
FE 9 Ike and Elincia by theMHE827 viewsA very pretty piece done by TheMHE at my request. I ought to edit either the first or third part of my fanfic Divergence to include a scene like this. Please, give credit to the artist and feel at liberty to read Divergence in my other album.
Fire Emblem 9 by Sin1663 viewsI've seen this pic in various places but have only recently learned of its creator: the remarkable Sin. This group pic/homemade game poster makes me wish this was used as the game cover, or at least as a wallpaper.3 comments
fire emblem black knight ike by fire-a1264 viewsIke Vs. the Black Knight, a clash of the titans. This capture was provided by fire-a on deviantART. Have I mentioned how f*&@#^$ much I want this game?2 comments
Fire Emblem ike by fire-a1318 viewsThis is a capture from the eagerly awaited Fire Emblem Goddess of Dawn. I can't wait to see that game, the three tier promotion system, data transfer option, and bond supports sound very cool.2 comments
King and Queen Crimea by Psalms1149 viewsA piece by Psalms from I myself share Psalms' fondness for this pair (though this puts in a minority). Still, Psalm is quite talented so give credit where it's due.2 comments
Older and, hopefully, wiser Ike by Cipher Lee1791 viewsCipher Lee strikes again! I found this piece on a Chinese Site called As always, Cipher Lee is drawing in top form. Still, Ike with a beard? Brings back memories of a certain axe-wielding Ostian, after his adventuring days.2 comments
Halfway Sane177 viewsEdit|| I actually got everything taken cared of that I didn't like and worked with the expressions (and stupid white stuff -_-;;). I really need to find a decent font for these projects too. >_>

Ha! It's for my fanfiction that I have elsewhere on the net that is still a work in progress. I still have to edit a bit on this one 'cause there is some white on the top of the dialouge box (Oh the shame). -_-
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