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picture1265 viewsI think it's... Nino and Lloyd? I'm not sure... credit to the artist.2 comments
Prince Reyson280 viewsIt's Prince Reyson of the Heron tribe! This was hard and took me a long time to do. I got some brownie mix on it too if you are wondering what that dot near his wing is...-.-7 comments
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 2B503 viewsThe second, and probably preferrable, outcome of Sephiran's gamble. Ike is, once again, the hero (Yay!) as well as being Elincia's Prince Consort and a father. However, the evil that Sephiran anticipated has arisen: Begnion is now embroiled in a three way Civil War between the forces of two Nobles seeking to overthrow the Apostle and a faction of the Dark God's worshippers seeking to finish what Ashnard started. Ike must, once again, led the free people of Tellius in a battle for the future. This may set the stage for a full blown fan sequel depending on reviews so please comment.

Ashnard Mercenaries MOVE OUT!141 viewsIn this case if Ashnard dies from BK, it be called Soren Mercenaries then!! 3 comments
Fire Emblem 8 scene by treijim1532 viewsA fanart rendition of one of Sacred Stones' CGs. Rather good in my opinion.2 comments
Gerik, the Desert Tiger by Cipher Le1158 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called This is a remarkable pic of the Mercenary Gerik finishing off a Bael. Another gem by the legendary Cipher Lee.2 comments
Helluva Party by Cipher Lee2769 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called Booze, arm wrestling, best friends and cute girls. What more can one ask for? Aside from, of course, no hangovers in the morning. One thing though, my eyesight isn't perfect. Is that guy at the bar near Seth Cormag or Orson? I'm not sure, and I'd appreciate it if someone could clear that up.7 comments
Heroine Angel96 viewsDrawn to decorate my faux yearbook
people like it...
"let me be your heroine"
Awesome42 viewsHeroes = WIN!

LOL this pic made me laugh so hard lol
Isadora X Harken by Autumn-Sacura900 viewsPerhaps one of Autumn-Sacura's better pics. The detail on the armor, faces and bodies are increadible, and Autumn-Sacura is STILL getting better.2 comments
Reyson (doll)87 viewsFor information on where I made this go to the Rhys doll picture. The last remaining heron or so everyone thought until they found another. Reyson is the prince of herons.
FE Xmas- Pageant of Radiance by ~FireFiriel1872 viewsA piece by a friend of mine on deviantART. This shows an amusing attempt by the PoR cast to have a Christmas Pagent. Well...they have a long way to go. This was made by FireFiriel, so give credit where it's due.5 comments
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