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Heath Profile by SP'SH770 viewsI found this on a Chinese Fire Emblem site called An impressive profile of Heath and his faithful Wyvern Hyperion, drawn by the amazing SP'SH.
He doesn't bite...much by Unknown1079 viewsI'm quite fond the the Heath/Priscilla pairing, but there's one thing that I don't get: she doesn't seem afraid of his Wyvern. Since Wyverns can only be found in Bern, and Priscilla has led a somewhat sheltered life, I'd be suprised if she'd ever seen one. Still, this pic is very cute. If anbody knows who drew it, please tell me.
Love amongst the clouds by Unknown1513 viewsHeath and Priscilla are probably one of my favorte FE7 pairings, next to Eliwood/Ninian and Hector/Lyn. It is difficult to tell if they're on Heath's Wyvern or if they're just in a high place. Still, this pic is quite good.2 comments
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