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Lucy with short hair CG55 viewsI absolutely did not create this picture. Credit goes to Zakia from Deviantart and probably ExcaliburRO for helping me find this pic.

The dye didnt go so well because Allen, the guy I based Lucy's short hair pictures on, has white hair.
Project: Crazy Hair108 viewsAnyone guess who's hair-do? XD Sorry, you can ask Flame what the heck my whole big project is.

Hair is finally a length that can handle being fixed like this, but still need another...four inches? -has two years anyways-
Hairspray OC Cast 141 viewsokie, lately, I've been obessesed with the movie Hairspray, and decided to put some OC's as the cast. ^^ for once, Trisha/Tempest plays the villian, Velma Von Tussel. XD
Hairspray OC Cast 230 viewsyay! Done! Here's for Varin who'll play the character, Link Larkin.^^ made him dye his hair black since Link's hair is black. Now he truly IS Shinn Asuka. XD1 comments
Tear with shortened hair/New look for Naya33 viewsScreenshotted from TotA, one of Tear's outfits.

These clothes pwn. End of story. Thats why I want to use them for Naya. I also shortened the hair but its pretty much unnoticible.
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