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Full custom Gunzi headshot sheet161 viewsas usual, made with MSpaint, drawn by mouse.

Eh, body's screwed over since I wanted to try a front view but front views dont work as well if I put them into comics. his tattoos were fun to make though.
Gunzi GBA expressions148 viewsGunzi from Togainu no chi, also an OC of mine.

Those black things on him are supposed to be tattoos but they didnt turn out too well.
Halloween Relena50 viewsRelena as Gunzi from Togainu no chi

Gah, head still too big -__-. Next up: Trisha in pirate outfit
Gunzi142 viewsGunzi from Togainu no chi.

I'm not gonna change his name. He appears in the future and teaches Senkou how to fight. He's branded and that tattoo on his chest is his branded mark. Even though he likes torturing his opponent and maiming them, deep down, he's actually a really sweet person.
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