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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 2B503 viewsThe second, and probably preferrable, outcome of Sephiran's gamble. Ike is, once again, the hero (Yay!) as well as being Elincia's Prince Consort and a father. However, the evil that Sephiran anticipated has arisen: Begnion is now embroiled in a three way Civil War between the forces of two Nobles seeking to overthrow the Apostle and a faction of the Dark God's worshippers seeking to finish what Ashnard started. Ike must, once again, led the free people of Tellius in a battle for the future. This may set the stage for a full blown fan sequel depending on reviews so please comment.

Ashera and ?209 viewsAt first I didn't really look at this picture and thought, "Oh... Ike and Ashera." Though, then I actually looked at it and started noticing that this person didn't look like Ike.3 comments
Decree? Warrant? NI108 viewsAgain... I don't know who is holding this or anything. Yeah... the feel of the building reminds me of Begnion again... o_o Don't ask where I get these idea, I really haven't a clue.4 comments
Elinca and Leanne165 viewsElinca breaking down...? Hmm. Donno.2 comments
E3 2007 English Screenshot.177 views
E3 2007 English Screenshot.127 views
E3 2007 English Screenshot.136 views1 comments
E3 2007 English screenshot.139 views1 comments
fire emblem black knight ike by fire-a1264 viewsIke Vs. the Black Knight, a clash of the titans. This capture was provided by fire-a on deviantART. Have I mentioned how f*&@#^$ much I want this game?2 comments
fire emblem Human VS laguz by fire-a1019 viewsAnother capture from Fire Emblem Goddess of Dawn. The movies from this game, available on YouTube, look increadible. I want this game!3 comments
Fire Emblem ike by fire-a1318 viewsThis is a capture from the eagerly awaited Fire Emblem Goddess of Dawn. I can't wait to see that game, the three tier promotion system, data transfer option, and bond supports sound very cool.2 comments
Flood? o.o75 viewsThat's what comes to mind at first glance. I'd imagine it's the flood, but perhaps another event that actually happens in GoD.1 comments
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