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Peacock71 viewsI need to make a general album since this doesn't really count as anime...1 comments
Some of the Girls From Blazing Sword257 viewsI found this on a google search. I think in some of the FE sites show this as a wallpaper. Too bad that not all of the girls can be on it.4 comments
5 Girls, errr, well, five girls and one unknown115 viewsa banner kinda thing i editted to represent the five girls I talk to the most in comments and in IM's. From left to right: Trisha-Tamera, some random girl whom I havent figured out who it should be, Merle-Dreamaway, Lucy-me, Mangatsu-Princess_Mangatsu_Gallia, and Tryst-Amethyst. Sorry to anyone I might have left out. Consider this my new years eve present to you guys. Now, on to my AMV.8 comments
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