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Chapter 5: The Gunslinging beauty23 viewsRated K+ due to mild language, blood, major drama/angst, and violence. Romance and a reference to FMA alchemy and my own made-up alchemy thing. This might be one of my greater chapters.
BLEACH - Gintama style95 viewsFound on photobucket.

Kagura as Rukia, Gintoki as Ichigo, Shinpachi as Uryu, and Sadaharu as Kon
Lucy Singing - Shizukana Yoruni40 views
I don't own this song or the pictures.

Too lazy to make a picture for it. The quality is kinda scratched since I used a differnet video type to upload onto Photobucket. The song is sung by Rie Tanaka, the voice for Lacus Clyne. The slideshows just kinda there for the helluv it. I like the song though.
Older Owen and Sai49 viewsOlder Owen and older Sai. They're both pictures of my recently second favourite character from BLEACH Ichimaru Gin. 2 comments
Owen in Manga form24 viewsI did not draw this. Taken and slightly editted from a Doujinshi

Roughly something that happened yesterday in an RP. Very roughly though.
Sachan89 viewsSa-chan from Gintama

Aruka and Gamma's daughter. She was born during PoR so she's around 3 years old in GoD. Gamma doesnt know about her though. Her class is thief -> rogue.
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