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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Divergence Part 2A531 viewsSephiran made a dangerous gamble in convincing Ike to remain involved in Crimea's goverenace and becoming Elincia's Prince Consort. He hopes this gamble will keep Ike on the side of good in the coming, inevitable conflict. The question is did Sephiran's gamble work? In this scenario, it backfires and Ike becomes the evil rather than destroying it. And the desperate effort to avert the rise of a new tyrant, namely an assassination attempt on Ike and his pregnant Queen Elincia, may plunge Tellius into war.2 comments
Geoffray- "Geoffrey" Character Sheet559 views... Love his character design.... x_x2 comments
Geoffrey 21360 views3 comments
The (hazardous) Courtship of Lady Lucia by Unknown1618 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called It seems I'm not the only one who's fond of Lucia. I can't read Japanese, but I suspect Geoffrey is saying something like 'Aw, no' or 'Serves you right sis,' or 'You're on your own.' I'd be most appreciative if anyone can translate the text on the pic.3 comments
Lucia and Geoffrey, fighting up a storm by Unknown1335 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called I found it downright strange that these two couldn't Support. Hell, they barely spoke to each other during the game. Still, they are formidable.5 comments
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