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The new Alphonse for my Fe8 Hack Cousin Stones.152 viewsAlphonse replaces Franz as you can see. He's a knight just like Al from FMA.

Whoa would of think that molding Franz's face and Forde's ponytail with Ephraim's eyes and hair, 40 year old Karel's hair, Knoll's nose and mouth with Hector's body. Would give you this?
Amelia ready to scrap by Unknown773 viewsAnother gem from If anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know.
Cute Amelia by Unknown779 viewsI found this gem on the French site The introduction of trainee units (Ross, Amelia and Ewan) made the game pretty tricky since training them was a delicate process. At least, it was difficult BEFORE I discovered the Action Replay.
Amelia by marimbamonkey14834 viewsThis pic was done by marimbamonkey14, a friend from deviantART. I can't get enough of his work, the way he handles the colors and body forms. Besides, Amelia's official art is kinda creepy. Makes her look too much like a hyperactive fangirl
Don't Look Back by popcornducky734 viewsThis pic, of an unfortunate Ike with his back to the Black Knight, is very well done but it does leave me with some questions. Why does Ike have his back to the Black Knight? Has he conceded defeat, which is quite unlikely? Or, has the Black Knight crept up on him undetected, which would be quite a sight in all that armor?
FE Amelia and Franz by iggloypou798 viewsAnother pic by the up and coming igglypou from deviantART. This pic was done at my personal request, and many thanks to the artist.
fire emblem black knight ike by fire-a1264 viewsIke Vs. the Black Knight, a clash of the titans. This capture was provided by fire-a on deviantART. Have I mentioned how f*&@#^$ much I want this game?2 comments
General Grevious Avatar55 viewsThis was for a site that had 20px more on the avatar width limit. Same effects as the Sephiroth one, except this has more lighting.2 comments
Marsus60 viewsMarsus is the King of Torland, though not very wise in foriegn or diplomatic areas he is a good General and an unparalled fighter. He is slightly eccintric and mabye a little insane. His rashness caused the holy war to turn on him when he attacked the crusaders coming through his land and recruiting his men.5 comments
Group Shot by Unknown1374 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called The artist is unknown to me, but I can picture Gatrie's horomone addled brain making the follow up pic pretty funny. If anyone knows the artist, please tell me.
The Greil Mercenaries by Unknown1937 viewsAn adorable pic I found on a French Fire Emblem site. Either the Mercenaries are celebrating a job well done or this is what it always looks like around meal time. Scary thought on the latter, eh?4 comments
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