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Gatrie (doll)84 viewsFor information on where I made this go to the Rhys doll picture. Well what can I say it's Gatrie. As weird as ever.
Gatrie, Lucy, Owen, and Boyd in Calamari114 viewsThis movie is also in low quality sadly. It doesn't work when I upload it in high quality and I'm sure that its not the size because the other ones are just as, if not bigger than this one. If anyone could tell me what's wrong with it, that would be greatly apprieciated. This movie was based on Shark Tale but I realized that I missed a major scene after I converted it. No offense to Gatrie. 2 comments
Gatrie: "Will you be my date for the party?"352 viewsI got this idea from one of Moonliteglacier's comics. 21 comments
Group Shot by Unknown1374 viewsI found this great pic (and many others) on a French Fire Emblem Site called The artist is unknown to me, but I can picture Gatrie's horomone addled brain making the follow up pic pretty funny. If anyone knows the artist, please tell me.
The Greil Mercenaries by Unknown1937 viewsAn adorable pic I found on a French Fire Emblem site. Either the Mercenaries are celebrating a job well done or this is what it always looks like around meal time. Scary thought on the latter, eh?4 comments
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